A Political Win Could Open Doors for the Transgender Community

History was made recently when voters in the Philippines elected their first transgender politician, Geraldine Roman, into the House of Representatives. This is an important milestone and an exciting achievement for the LGBT community. Unfortunately, transgender and gender non-conforming people still rarely hold positions of power. It’s also all too common that they are unemployed or underemployed. According to the Human Rights Campaign, transgender workers …

George Lucas’s Next Project

On this most holy of nerd holidays, we should take a moment to recognize Star Wars creator George Lucas not just for his contributions to the sci-fi cannon but for his advocacy, philanthropy, and his dedication to those who have less than him. Which, let’s face it, is pretty much everybody.

Prince Was an Icon – and a Philanthropist

Embed from Getty Images You’ve probably already heard the news that Prince, legendary musician, song writer, and cultural icon, passed away today at the age of 57. What you might not know is that Prince was an active and prolific philanthropist who donated millions to various causes, many involving youth.

Closing the Gap in Tech

Last week, Facebook announced their partnership with web development workshop company, Dev Bootcamp. Facebook donated $250,000 for scholarship funding, allowing twenty women and/or minority identifying students to attend the nineteen-week long bootcamp. Facebook’s decision to use a portion of the ticket sales from their annual f8 developers conference may be a response to remarks made by President Obama during the first White House Demo Day …